Supporting Associations

Philbeauty is supported by local and international associations to present the best products and technology in the beauty, wellness and personal care. 


Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines, the umbrella organization of finished products, distributors, raw materials, packaging and ingredients suppliers, and manufacturer of cosmetics and related products in the Philippines 


CCIP is committed to serve as a clearinghouse for regulatory compliance, commerce linkage, information and technology and international affiliation while developing and promoting cooperative relations with government agencies, local and foreign professional associations and related organizations, while providing a venue for fellowship, community services and protection for the common interest of the members.



That CHIPI be known as the locally and internationally recognized prime mover in the development of the Philippine Herbal Industry.
As the leading organization in the natural and herbal sector, CHIPI has working relations with affiliates and segment associations like the Organic Producers Trade Association (OPTA), the Virgin Coconut Oil Producers and Traders Association of the Philippines (VCOP), the Cooperative of Philippine Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Allied Products Manufacturers and Traders (COVCOP), the Natural Products Society of the Philippines (NPSP), the Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP), the Spa Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SAPi), and others.

CHIPI is also a member of and currently chairs the ASEAN Alliance of Traditional Medicine Industries (AATMI), an organization of national associations engaged in the practice of traditional medicine industries, both product manufacturers and service providers, within the ASEAN countries


Asia Hair Masters Association, AHMA, was set up by industry enthusiasts in 2010. It serves as the guidepost,
strengthening synergy within the industry, assisting hairstylists to improve their knowledge and skills, promoting the professionalism and standardization of the hairstyling industry.

AHMA  aiming at advancing the art of hairstyling, education, promoting business and
interaction within the industry. AHMA also provides a platform , for hairstyling professionals to perform research
and discussions on various aspects of the industry which include the art of hairstyling, latest technology,
business management, etc. AHMA activities and designed to strengthen for the Chinese hair industry for further growth.

  • Actively promotes a new direction for Asia’s styling scene with Oriental influence and facilitate the cultural exchange of Chinese and Western societies
  • Uplifts the standard of hairstyling services across China, improves management systems and promote fair and healthy competition
  • Assists the industry to establish uniform professional standards and uniform references for staff training
    Promote life-long learning
  • Promotes interaction across China and Asia, jointly improve the hair industry’s business environment quality of services,
    and develops the hair industry in an orderly manner



November 2004 marks the unfolding of an episode in the existence of the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Science. 

Our founders and charter members are great dreambuilders. Today, we look back with awe and draw up inspiration at their energy, enthusiasm, and vision for laying the cornerstone for what the PSCS was then, what it is now today, and what it will be in the future!


The Society is organized and will be operated exclusively for scientific purposes. Its objectives are:

  • To encourage the advancement of scientific and technical understanding within the cosmetics and toiletries industry.
  • To improve the qualifications and usefulness of its members by setting high standards of practice, professional ethics, education & attainments.
  • To increase and disseminate scientific knowledge and foster the application of all scientific disciplines within the industry.
  • To promote scientific interest and the recognition of the cosmetic scientist through its meetings, awards and scholarships, professional contacts reports and discussions.
  • To unify the members into one strong and solid group by fostering closer relations, understanding and cooperation among its members for the purpose of making effective representations with the technical regulatory agencies of the government and with other private entities.
  • To adopt and implement policies and programs which will upgrade the quality of the locally manufactured cosmetics and toiletries.
  • To provide members the benefits that may be derived from the use of the common services and facilities through the SOCIETY as well as the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists (ASCS), and other affiliations, whenever feasible


Mission Statement: To inspire and empower makeup artists in the beauty industry

UMAP is a non-stock non-profit organization composed of professional makeup artists whose aim is to encourage and achieve the highest standard in the beauty industry.



  • UMAP aims to enrich members’ abilities, self-confidence, and professionalism in the beauty industry
  • UMAP provides opportunities to members to participate in trainings and workshops to keep up-to-date with the evolving beauty industry’s standards
  • UMAP aims to create a community as a channel for support and networking


  • UMAP aims to be recognized as the leading professional and social organization of makeup artists in the Philippines.



UMAP members come from various backgrounds, levels of expertise, views in styles and techniques, but unifies with the same passion for beauty

Integrity – UMAP upholds a moral value of being transparent and fair which is vital to maintaining trust and good relationships.

Respect – UMAP regards member’s opinions and individualities through organization’s words and actions

Excellence – UMAP strives to the highest standard of makeup artistry and professionalism in the beauty industry

Growth – UMAP provides members trainings and workshops to improve skills and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry

Pleasure – UMAP creates activities and events for the members and strives to make it a gratifying experience.

Nonpartisan – UMAP upholds the interest of the organization and is not biased; each member is treated equally and regards their rights.


The VANITY ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES  brings together all the salon and wellness owners , and those with an interest in the vanity sector to facilitate the process of learning and sharing information and to encourage high standards of conduct. 

Through publications, meetings, seminars and other related events & activities, the Association aims to help those in the vanity sector and to get help in making the right decision. 

VANITY will always continue to be a dynamic organization that is always responsive to the needs of its members as they continue to play active roles in the vanity sector.

Who Should Join?

Hair, Skin, Nail, Eyelash and any other kind of Salon        

Spas and wellness business        

Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the wellness and beauty business segment

Health related businesses           

Suppliers and retailer of beauty and wellness products