Exhibitor Warning

Association of Event Organisers (AEO) official warning:

It is important that the entire industry is made aware of activities relating to third parties contacting exhibitors for entries into show guides. An example of one such guide is Fairguide and more recently ‘Expo-Guide’. We are strongly advising our members and all exhibitors to be vigilant against organisations such as these, who do not represent the good name developed within the exhibitions industry. Please warn all your exhibitors about such guides and more generally to carefully read small print details before signing any document.  

Expo-Guide and Fairguide.com/Construct Data Verlag have no connection with exhibition organisers or any of their events but they deliberately target exhibitors who are about to exhibit across Europe


Please be reminded that all invoices related to your participation in our fair will only be issued by UBM Exhibitions Philippines Inc., as Organiser, and should only be paid into the Organiser’s designated bank accounts in accordance with the payment terms stipulated in your Exhibition Contract.

We have been advised that some exhibitors have recently been contacted by a third party trying to secure business for digital media services on their website by using the Organiser’s event trademark and logo on their invoices.

You are reminded that the Organiser’s list of recommended partners and their contact details are listed in the Exhibitor Manual. We do not endorse any other service providers and no other services will be related to our event. If you believe you have received a fake invoice or been contacted by an unauthorised representative, we would be grateful if you let the Organiser know immediately.

Exhibitors are strongly advised to stay cautious in dealing with any calls or emails and to be aware of deceptions. Scam attempts can be made over the phone, by mail or email, or in person. We urge exhibitors to remain alert, ask questions and seek clarification with the Organiser whenever you are in doubt. As a precautionary measure, we also recommend our exhibitors to regularly change their system passwords to protect against unauthorised entry or loss of information.

Organiser shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss caused by such frauds. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Chrisian Tumanguil                                                                              
philbeauty Sales Executive                                            
+632 8581 1914 / 8551 7564 / 8551 7718                      

[email protected]   


Informa is constantly working to improve security and reduce the risk to our customers of any fraudulent activity thus we encourage everyone to beware of companies like Trade Fairs Internationals. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following:

  • Funds should only be remitted to the bank account details quoted on Informa invoices
  • If the bank account details quoted on our invoices differ to the details held on your system, please check with your Informa contact to verify which are correct
  • Informa will never contact our customers directly to request funds to be remitted to any bank account other than that printed on the invoice
  • Informa emails are sent from [@informa.com] addresses and any variation from this should be considered potentially fraudulent
  • If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of an email received, we recommend you start a new email to your usual contact and use the email address from your address book


If you encounter any problems, you may contact us in telephone numbers: +632 8551 7718 / +632 8581 1915