Rules, Terms & Conditions


General Rules
All the finalists must comply on below requirements:
  • Participants must bring their own model
  • Participants are also required to bring their own tools, electrical equipment, makeup, hair accessories and other things they need for the competition
  • Participants must be dressed in WHITE SHIRT and BLACK BOTTOM  
  • Only one electrical outlet is provided for each participant
  • No assistant will be permitted during the competition
  • Only ONE FEMALE MODEL per team is allowed
  • Costume of MODELS must be in ALL BLACK
  • Models must arrive without makeup prior to the start of the competition. Participants will be given a 30-minute preparation time to put base makeup to the models
  • Decisions made by the judges will remain final and irrevocable



Terms & Conditions
  • Registration is considered SUCCESSFUL after payment has been received
  • Registration fee is strictly non-refundable
  • A confirmation letter and details of competition will be sent to contestants who have successfully registered
  • Only the Champion of the competition will be selected to participate in an international competition organized by Informa Markets
  • The organizer reserves the right to alter the time of event
  • The decision of the judges are final
  • Organizer and collaboration partners shall not be liable on any loss of personal belonging, accidents, injuries or any unforeseen circumstances of the contestants’, models and helpers
  • All contestants must furnish their own supplies and equipment, all tools and electrical equipment are allowed. Any styling and makeup products or technique may be use unless specify
  • Photo/Image Usage: By entering into this competition, contestants and their model consent to and authorize the use of any and all competition photos/ images to Informa Markets for any purpose, including publication, display and exhibition of those images in promotion, advertising and trade, without any further compensation to contestants, or the individual in the images
  • Contestants also consent on the use of their and their model name in connection with the images. Contestants agree that the photos/ images shall become the sole property of Informa Markets with full right of disposition in any manner whatsoever

Final Clause
  • The assigned team shall work on one model and perform as a team during the competition 
  • Any changes in the team arrangements made shall be deemed final by the organisers



Competition Rules & Regulation

Agreement of Contest Terms:
By entering the competition, each contestant agrees to abide by the competition rules, which are subject to change without notice to each contestant individually

Decisions are Final:
The Decision of the Judges is deemed final. Appeals to the competition results shall not be entertained. 

Waiver of Losses:
The organisers shall not be responsible for any losses incurred due to cancellation of the competition or disqualification 

The competition is not open to individuals associated with the contests, including the employees & committee members of the organisers, representatives, agents, and sponsors of the competition. The competition is also not open to the employees, students and family members of the judges. 

By entering this competition, each contestant consents to the Organiser's use of your name and photo for the competition's publicity purposes. 

Data Privacy Act Compliance:
By entering this competition, each contestant gives consent to the Organiser to collect and process their personal data in accordance with the Philippines Data Privacy Act 2012 for the purpose of administering this competition. 

The organiser reserves the right to change the value, or the format of the prizes without prior notice to the contestants. Prizes are non-transferable and are not negotiable.